Adam Chan

AJ is studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto. AJ is the cofounder of Braincubator offering STEM education and workshops across the GTA. During his time as a student, he participated in professional development clubs such as the National Society of Black Engineers and design clubs such as the University of Toronto… Read more »

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. His studies specialized in Mechatronics and Solid Mechanics. Adam is very involved in U of T’s engineering community, namely as Conductor of Skule Stageband and a member of Skule Jazz Combo. He has worked extensively with the Engineering Society on Orientation,… Read more »

Ahmed Dorrah

Ahmed Dorrah is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto where he also obtained his Master’s degree in 2014. He is also an affiliate with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (in California, USA) where part of his research activity is taking place. With huge passion… Read more »

Alex Cabaj

Alex Cabaj is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto. His current area of research is in experimental nonlinear fluid dynamics; specifically, looking at instabilities in the motion of a viscous thread as it falls onto a moving conveyor belt. He also has a keen interest in… Read more »

Cody Bauer

Cody Bauer received his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in spacecraft design from Ryerson University. During his studies, Cody participated in a number of engineering competitions, including the international CanSat and rocketry competitions. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies… Read more »

Diana Mallicone

Diana Mollicone is an applications engineer at IPEX. Her expertise and experience includes the provision of technical leadership in the design, development and installation of thermoplastic process piping materials and systems for municipal and industrial applications. Prior to joining IPEX, Diana spent two and a half years in the engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM)… Read more »

Janet Lam

Janet has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. She currently teaches first-year engineering students at Michigan State University. Janet’s interests are changing education strategies to increase retention, engagement and global thinking. She’s excited to return to DEEP after a 4-year hiatus. Back to Instructors

Joelle Javier

Joelle Javier is an adventure loving engineer who works to ensure everyone can have safe fun. She is a graduate of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto and a graduate of the Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the Ryerson University. She now works as an engineer for the Technical Standards… Read more »

Karan Shukla

Karan Shukla is currently a Mechanical Engineering graduate at the University of Toronto, specialising in Robotics and renewable energy. He has been working with electronics since high school, and has worked as an automation engineer in the plastics manufacturing industry. He will be instructing the science of music course, which is a new course this… Read more »

Mukul Tewary

Mukul Tewary completed his undergrad in Electrical Engineering and his Masters in Physics. He brings his multi-disciplinary skill-set to his PhD studies in the field of stem cell bioengineering where he is applying engineering principles that range from microfabrication to mathematical modeling in order to understand events that occur during embryonic development, and replicate them… Read more »