Ahmed Dorrah

Ahmed Dorrah is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto where he also obtained his Master’s degree in 2014. He is also an affiliate with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (in California, USA) where part of his research activity is taking place. With huge passion about the science of light and its applications, Ahmed is investigating new techniques for Laser Beam shaping aiming to enhance the resolution and robustness of biomedical imaging and help diagnose cell disorders at early stages. Ahmed is also passionate about teaching and engaging students in his research activities. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses covering the areas of Electromagnetics, Photonics Devices, and Circuits at University of Toronto over the past four years. He has also mentored few summer students with whom he coauthored several journal articles. Besides research and teaching, Ahmed is also serving as the vice president of the SPIE University of Toronto Chapter which actively organizes invited lectures and outreach activities to promote for Photonics on campus. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys listening to music, photography, and playing Tennis.

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