Tolbert Akanni

Tolbert Akanni is currently a final year Chemical Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Toronto with a minor in Sustainable Energy. Tolbert will be pursuing his master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering with specialization in Reservoir Engineering in September 2017. He hopes to work with enthusiastic and creative people on initiatives that produce a sustainable energy framework considering the heightened environmental pressures of our time. Tolbert is an achieving, highly motivated and detail oriented team player. He is also highly involved on campus activities and has held various positions ranging from Athletics Director of the Chemical Engineering Club, Captain of the Chemical Engineering Soccer and Basketball teams and Vice President of the National Society of Black Engineers. Tolbert has experience working as an Instructor and Club leader for the Jr. Deep Summer Academy and Jr. DEEP Saturday program respectively. Tolbert also has engineering work experience gained from a 12-month internship as a Project Engineer and System Designer at Solsmart Energy Solutions. In his leisure time, Tolbert enjoys spending time with friends, playing soccer and basketball, exploring nature and volunteering for causes he his passionate about.

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