Volunteering at DEEP

Students work on a project

Becoming a DEEP Counselor is a great opportunity to learn, teach and be inspired.

To complement our excellent instructors, DEEP is supported by volunteer undergraduate students from the University of Toronto. These DEEP Counselors provide a variety of services, from helping instructors in the classroom to chaperoning students during excursions.

Note: We give preference to current University of Toronto undergraduate students in Engineering or the sciences.

Please see our Employment Opportunities page here for more information on how to apply.

As a DEEP Counselor, you can contribute in a variety of ways:

  • Managing student registration
  • Organizing course supplies and equipment
  • Enriching student experience in tours, residence and excursions
  • Providing instructors with instructional assistance & support
  • Facilitating an activity or lecture discussion

From Past DEEP Counselors – Testimonials

DEEP gave me a valuable learning experience outside from my usual undergraduate education. It encouraged me to be an active, caring and contributing member of the community.” — Judy, Class of 2013


“I have been able to teach some of the concepts I’ve learned in class to the students, allowing me to reiterate what I know for class as well as give the students something new!” — Nicole, Class of 2013