Engineering in the Classroom

Incorporating Engineering Concepts into the Ontario Curriculum

This professional development certificate program will provide teachers with hands-on STEM experiences designed to increase their confidence in their ability to teach math and science. Participants will learn how to incorporate engineering concepts into the Ontario Curriculum while promoting student interest and engagement.  This program will also provide opportunities to address a number of issues that classroom teachers tend to face when implementing discovery-oriented learning experiences.

Cost: $50 for teacher candidates currently enrolled as a student


Introduction to STEM and Engineering

Welcome! – An introduction to the program, to Engineering, to STEM, and to key concepts.

Design for Instruction and Engineering

This session will address how to design lessons that allow all students to be successful and will explore the integration of the design process. We’ll also review assessment strategies to identify areas of understanding as well as misconceptions in your students’ STEM knowledge.

Identifying and Addressing Constraints

This session will address how to deal with discomforts due to lack of content knowledge, as well as how to accommodate various constraints you may face.

Leveraging Leadership and Creativity

This session is focused on various conceptions of the role of personal leadership in teaching and learning.  We will also explore strategies for developing creativity both in your students and in application to your own efforts in the classroom.

Developing Confidence and Mastery in STEM

We will review how to utilize concepts introduced in this program to reinforce classroom confidence and how to develop a sense of mastery in STEM subjects.

After completing the introductory workshop, students complete a minimum of 3 of the 4 remaining workshops to receive a certificate of achievement.

Orbit: Calling all Faculty/Student Researchers

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