The Grade 12 Enriched Program


The Grade 12 Enriched Program
Always wondered what a university level course was like at U of T Engineering? Here’s your chance to get a sneak peek at first year courses with our Grade 12 Enriched Program! This program is intended for highly-motivated grade 12 students who are planning to enter university in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) field next fall. The two preview courses that we are offering in the Fall 2016 season will be diving deeper into grade 12 curriculum and very quickly taking off to showcase curriculum taught within first year engineering math and first year biology. This is meant to both challenge and excite participants who are considering a future in applied science and engineering.

Competencies: Over the course of three Saturdays, you will also develop competence in the following areas: problem-solving techniques, critical thinking, written and oral communication, and effective note-taking. You will need these skills in university to meet the post-secondary academic expectations.

Fall 2016 Topics

Complex Linear Algebra and its Application in Quantum Foundations
Preview of: MAT 185
Taught by: Zacharie Leger

This course establishes the foundation of linear algebra for highly-motivated grade 12 students through the lens of quantum mechanics. This will lead students rigorous introduction of matrix mechanics created by Heisenberg, Born, and Jordan in 1925. For this we will develop the theory of vector spaces over a complex field, inner products, operators, and much more. Finally, we will discuss how to interpret the different results derived from the general theory.
Pre/Co-Requisite: MHF4U or MCV4U

Cell and Systems Biology and its Applications in Biomedical Engineering
Preview of: BIO130
Taught by: Anam Qudrat

This course establishes the foundations of modern biology for highly-motivated grade 12 students by learning how the basic building blocks of life give rise to biological form and function. We will be exploring cellular dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. As we delve deeper into cellular complexity by examining physical symptoms, underlying genetics, molecular cascades and physiological pathways, we will also investigate bioengineering tools for potential therapeutic options.
Pre/Co-Requisite: SBI4U or SCH4U

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