Tony Mayadunne

Anthony Mayadunne is a lecturer in Finance at Rotman School of Management at U of T, and the Schulich School of business at York University. He also teaches Engineering Economics at U of T’s Faculty of Engineering and at University of Waterloo.

Tony is passionate about teaching students how to learn in different environments on different subjects. One of his strongly-held beliefs is that mathematics is accessible to anyone. So, in his many years of university teaching he has advocated and taught students how to step out of stereotypes (e.g. “I am not a math person”) and experience the exhilarating joy of understanding how mathematics works—hence the course the “Magic of Calculus.” He is also equally passionate about teaching students how to understand value—not just the economic value of money—but more importantly how we make decisions about value creation and value capture. Especially in the entrepreneurial climate of innovative technologies, these decisions are at the heart of Engineering Economics. With undergraduate degrees in English and Physics, and graduate degrees in Literature and in Management, Tony is a strong proponent of renaissance education where students become capable of uniting many diverse branches of knowledge from science, technology, art and the humanities into a foundation of collaborative learning.

He is an avid reader of literature, history and science, a world traveler who has lived all over the world, and a lover of classic Blues and R’n’B music.


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