Zahra Ansarilari

Zahra is a Ph.D. candidate in transportation engineering at the University of Toronto, focusing on improving public transit service quality. There are so many aspects regarding public transit which need to be enhanced, but she is only working on minimization of transfer time! This is a super complex and challenging problem due to so many involved variables and also inevitable uncertainties in transit systems. She is interested in applying heuristic-based optimization methods to solve this problem. She always has a passion for teaching and learning new topics. She has been a TA for different courses from probability and statistics to urban operation research at the University of Toronto. She believes being a TA is not only about solving examples in tutorials, for example she tries to find opportunities to teach students how to improve their problem solving skills and how to use their own type of creativity. She is from Iran and she loves to talk about Iran, Persian foods and Persian Poems! She likes playing a piano, blogging and exploring different parts of cities by walking and biking! She is also one the main members of an Iranian student-run charity at the University of Toronto, called Bahar Charity, aiming to help children in need to give them opportunity to study, go to school and reach their dreams.


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