Destination STEM (Virtual)

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Destination STEM Online is an interactive workshop series with fun and engaging activities to foster our students’ passions for all things STEM. This program is designed to introduce students to a variety of Science and Engineering topics. In this program, students will expand their understanding of both modern fundamentals of science and real-world engineering applications. Each of the following are independent sessions, and students are welcome to register for both if they so choose.

Topics that will be covered within the program sessions may include:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering


Online workshops will be held from 10:30 AM–12:00 AM starting August 10. Each workshop is led by two of our instructors who will explore the scientific theory behind each activity, all while promoting student engagement and fun.

Activities where we suggest parental supervision will be outlined in activity sheets.


Sessions are limited to 20 students per week.


Open to students in Grades 6–8 in the 2020-2021 academic year.


$125 per session


Week 1: August 10 & 12, 2021 (Future Industries)

Week 2: August 17 & 19, 2021 (Exceptional Ecology)


10:30 AM – 10:45 AM | Log-in and meet the class
10:45 AM – 11:45 PM | Program - Lesson and Activity
11:45 AM – 12 PM | Q&A


Please note: each session consists of two workshops. Participants should be available for both workshops as concepts/material will be built off from the last lesson.

SESSION 1 — August 10 & 12, 2021


Power of the Future

The exciting and innovative technology of the future requires efficient and modern power solutions. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to build model power turbines and delve into how engineers are solving present and future issues to our growing need for electricity in the modern world, using concepts of efficient energy conversion and motion.


Vehicles of the Future

Humans have always had the need to go fast, embracing clever engineering in their quest to do so. In this class, students will build a vehicle to understand the many ways engineers improve upon modern vehicles both big and small, with the help of aerodynamics and materials science.


SESSION 2 — August 17 & 19, 2021


Take a Breather

Well, did you? Now that you’ve taken a deep breath, learn how human lungs efficiently process and transfer Oxygen from the air around us into our bodies, despite it only being around 21% of Earth’s atmosphere! Using contemporary biomedical knowledge of the lungs in our bodies, students will build artificial lungs using various household items to demonstrate their simple but effective mechanisms.


Symbiotic Survival

Nothing on Earth is independent; every organism depends on another to survive, even humans. Earth is a planet that is symbiotic in nature, as everything depends or works with something else to live and prosper. Students will learn about various symbiotic relationships on Earth, from how ecosystems operate to why they are essential to human survival.

General Information for Online Programs

Technology Required

Students taking part in the Online High School Programs will need a computer (tablets are not recommended), internet access with minimum download speed of 5Mbps, speakers, and microphone (or headset). While not required, webcams are recommended.

Materials & Preparation

A Pre-Program Package will be emailed on the Thursday prior to the start of each module. Any material requirements and specific program details (ex. timing, schedules) will be listed there.


If you see that a course is waitlisted on the registration page, that means there are no available spaces. If a space opens in the course, those on the waitlist will be notified in the order that they registered.

Creating an Active Account

If this is your first time registering for one of our programs, you will be prompted to create an Active account. The account making process happens after registration. If you are successful in getting a spot in the course, your spot will be held for you while you create your account. There is no need to rush this process.


Bursaries are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who demonstrate financial need. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please complete this application form and email it to us along with your family's most recent Notice of Assessment.

Cancellation Policy

A refund or a credit, less a $25.00 administrative fee is available for cancellations before 5pm ET on the Tuesday before the first day of the program. No refunds or credits will be issued after this point. Please note that this charge is to cover administrative processing fees. Thank you for your understanding!


If you have questions about Destination STEM:

Contact us at


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