Engineering Leadership to Inspire Further Education (EngLIFE) is a free 4-week program targeting Black/African/Afro-Canadian high school students who have expressed interest in STEM, potentially curious to learn more about Engineering and hope to further their education after high school.

The goal of this program is provide and nurture opportunity for students to further enhance their leadership skills, to be exposed to various fields of engineering, and to explore the life and opportunities of a U of T Engineering Student. Through our collaborative partnership with John Polanyi Collegiate, we are able to offer this program that allows participants to:

• Learn STEM theories and principles through hands-on design workshop experiences
• Develop greater understanding of the various fields of engineering and the potential
career opportunities
• Develop leadership skills in communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, and
conflict management and apply those skills in a range of settings.
• Be exposed to the various Faculty and University supports for students
• Gain access to a University student mentor
• Learn pathways to various post-secondary STEM education options
• Earn a credit towards their high school diploma (GPP)

Student Eligibility
This year, we are excited to offer this focused leadership program to Grade 10 and 11, Black/African/ Afro-Canadian students attending the following schools:

• West Humber
• North Albion
• Westview
• Kipling
• John Polanyi Collegiate

Recommendations for prospective applicants to this program must be made by participating schools based on student interest and an educator endorsement.

Date: July 2, 2019 – August 2, 2019
Time: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

More information:

416-946-0816 or englife@engineeringoutreach.ca