Student Groups

The Engineering Outreach Office is committed to providing support to those student groups or clubs affiliated with the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering or whose members are Engineering students.

Hey Student groups,

Are you planning an outreach activity that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education? If YES, then get your event registered with the Engineering Student Outreach Office! The office coordinates the outreach activities of Student groups along with that of Faculty members and Departments.

If you are interested in having your event registered with the office, please send us an email at

University of Toronto recognized campus groups are eligible for assistance from the Engineering Student Outreach Office in the form of promotion, materials and curriculum for your outreach activities.

Details on how campus groups can apply for support will be up soon!

Student groups wishing to apply for funding from the Alumni association should read about the funding request form on the Engineering Alumni & Friends website.

The Engineering Outreach Office allows faculty, staff, and student groups to borrow materials to support various initiatives throughout the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. The office owns equipment and materials that promote hands-on learning. When this equipment is not in use through the office, others may request to borrow it through our new Materials Request Form.

To ensure that the materials borrowing does not detract from the primary objective of the office, the following guidelines exist:

  • Requests must be made at least 10 business days in advance
  • Requests for consumable (not reusable) materials will not be granted. Please purchase your own!
  • Requests for materials valued at over $500 may require a security deposit.
  • Individuals or groups who have previously returned materials late or in poor shape, may have their borrowing privileges revoked

Please consider the following three questions before proceeding:

Are you affiliated with UofT Engineering and are a recognized club? If the answer is no:
Sorry! Our materials are not available to borrow.

Are you making your request at least ten business days in advance? If the answer is no:
Sorry! We cannot accommodate your request without affecting Engineering Outreach Office programs.

Are the items reusable (not consumable items?) If the answer is no:
Sorry! Please procure your own consumable materials.

If you answered YES to the above three questions, please proceed to our materials request form.

To place a materials request, please complete the Materials Request Form.

Request funding for your student group from the alumni association by completing the funding request form.